Mark Gittins & Angelina Ayers: June

June is a collaboration between film maker Mark Gittins and writer in residence, Angelina Ayers, whose poem became the starting point for a project to create a video to accompany a reading of the poem. The film is being shown in the gallery as a full size projection.

June from cyberneticnoisefly on Vimeo.


Buildings shrink back into cellars,

leave rubble to rust into rocks, meadow.

I enter the pale scrape of summer, ochre heat

spitting at my back. Air, thick with bergamot,

sits like a stubborn child, the way anger

refuses to diffuse, though its atoms buzz.

Months lie ahead like a steaming road

potted tarmac, supple under foot, and the self

retreats, hides behind the marbled white

of a rib, settles into its shade, the dissonance

of the windpipe bellowing by its ear.

This rhythmic lull of respiration

gurgles half-dreams of rain against glass

plucked bare branches, blue as newborn flesh.

I sleepwalk, waiting for the sky to bronze, fall in.

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