In their own words was an exhibition examining the relationship between art objects and the words often used to describe those objects. Nine artists working in different media were invited to describe one of their works and submit this for inclusion in the exhibition. In a reversal of the typical gallery experience, the artists’ words were displayed in lieu of their works.

Participating artists: Dave Ball, Alec Finlay, Rachel Garfield, Mark S Gubb, David Kirshner, simon morris, ilona niemi, tony rickaby, julian walker

Poets: martyn crucefix, alec finlay, mark goodwin, sarah hannah, chris jones, mario petrucci, fiona sampson, matthew sweeney, pam thompson”

Nine poets were invited to write a text about one of the works based only on the visual submitted by the artists, with no other knowledge of the artist or their work.  These texts were displayed on the walls, framed and hand printed.

Participating poets:

Nine jewellers were invited to produce a piece of work responding to the artists’ words without knowing the identity of the artist and without seeing the visual image or the work.  These works will be displayed without any additional text in glass vitrines.

Participating jewellers: Jivan Astfalck, Elizabeth Callinicos, Lin Cheung, Shelby Fitzpatrick, Maria Hanson, Julia Keyte, Anna Lorenz, Simone Nolden, Joanne Pond

The exhibition was initiated by fine artist / writer John Clark. The jewellery section was co-curated by Maria Hanson and Julia Keyte. In Their Own Words was first shown at the End Gallery in Sheffield in March 2007 and then in Manchester in July 2007 during the 11th Ars Ornata  European Jewellery conference.