The ubiquitous assimilation of the information and text that surrounds us drives my interest in using information as material and exploring the place or sense of the human within this continual overproduction. Issues of labour, persistence, repetition, unambivalent concentration and boredom, as well as the futility within the habitual processes of work are important.

Since my initial live drawing residency at Bank Street, having proposed a very specific constraint to work under, things have opened up considerably. Though I will be working in the gallery in a similar fashion, I will be exploring current issues within my production methods. I am continuing to develop various algorithms to drive my drawing though these will be less visible than the various methods of materialising language.

An algorithm is defined within art as the detailed instruction directing a drawing machine on how to draw a visual form. This work is an exploration of the use of algorithms to drive procedural drawing practices, encompassing ideas of order and chaos inherent within the recurrent systems that structure our existence. Carefully constructed order is explored, but not to give predictable results. As defined by chaos theory; any small variation in a system’s initial conditions gives rise to an uncertain complexity that can lead to unexpected places.

I will be present and working in the gallery space for 3 days a week for the first two weeks and the work will remain as evidence of my labour for the final week. During this experience of working live in the gallery, the final outcomes will be less pre-determined but potentially more demanding.