Residency – No Sky Visible

No Sky Visible is a collective of artists, designers, writers, poets, makers and shakers.  During the course of the next few months we will be taking up residency in Bank Street Arts. While at the gallery we will be investigating electronic entertainment/interaction.  We will be looking in-depth at the history of digital games as a research project. We will be documenting our discoveries as videos and blogs, all of which will be available for public viewing in the gallery on a Wednesday and Saturday during January and February 2013 as well as on our website.

We want to invite you down to the gallery so that you too can get involved. Come into the space and share with us your experience of digital interactive media. Bring your old consoles, old games and most importantly yourself!

We will also be running educational programs in conjunction with Bank Street Arts. The details for these have not yet been finalised but as soon as they have we will post on the site.

We hope to see you there!