For this residency I shall stencil and then erase a list of art theories, essays and ideas compiled from the books that remain unread on my bookshelf. The performance will create on the gallery wall a large, dense and imposing expanse of abandoned ideas – an act first of commemoration but then of liberation as the heavy, burdensome text is replaced by a delicate, pleasingly abstract visual hit. Finally, the charcoal chippings and eraser rubbings will be collected and preserved in a glass vial as a last act of remembrance.

During the residency, the Guerrilla Writing collective will be invited to respond to the work; visitors will also be invited to contribute the names of their own unread books to a book of condolences.

Robert Good works with image, text and installation to investigate the frailties of language and the treachery of knowledge.

Previous works include:

Respirator – a first ‘cut and paste’ work

Words – a transposition of ‘Postproduction’ by Nicolas Bourriaud

More information about Robert’s work can be found on his website:

and details of this project can be found here.