The work of Erin K. Schmidt is influenced by notions of identity – such as personal histories, memories and perception. Much of her work dwells on single moments . . . deeply personal events shared with an unknown second character . . . a role which is left open leaving unanswered questions for the viewer. She also explores identity through notions of home, in particular the misconceptions of outsiders about the city of Detroit where she lives.

Personal photos and writing play a key role in her work but the narrative is always kept incomplete – the real focus centres on the private emotions that tend to surface through the process of recall and reflection. In the course of remembering or reflecting there is an occasion to stay and fixate on moments. Her interest is in that space that the work finds itself – in that moment of recall, preoccupation . . . even obsession.  

Erin K. Schmidt was Joint First Prize Winner of the Jury Prize in the 2103 Sheffield International Artist’s Book Prize held at Bank Street Arts. She has a BFA from Michigan State University and an MA in Book Arts from The University of the Arts in London. Her work has been exhibited internationally and can be found in private and public collections including Tate Britain, University of the West of England, Camberwell College of the Arts, Saison Poetry Library, London and The University of California San Diego, USA. She currently lives in Detroit, Michigan, USA.