In alphabetical order (of sorts) …

  1. Anna Drysder

A collection of people’s ambitions – things they hope to achieve by the 12/12/12.

By actually writing down and making public normally private goals and ambitions: will this spur you on to fulfil them?

All participants who declare their ambitions will be invited to the exhibition to reveal if they have fulfilled their stated goal.

  1. Bryan Eccleshall

12-12-12 sees the launch of twelve, a publication in which twelve similar images or things are selected by one person and displayed with no accompanying text in an edition of only 144. Each issue will conform to the same strict visual format.

Eleven further issues are planned as well as a thirteenth made up of images from each of the preceding twelve issues.

The first issue consists of photographs of the white paint applied to empty shop windows and has been selected by Bryan Eccleshall, the Sheffield based curator/editor of twelve.

  1. Grimes and Jones


Grimes & Jones have obsessed over heroes since they were scruffy lads.  From football pin-ups to local oiks, countless hours have been wasted bathing in an imaginary world of toned muscles and fantasy fucks; the worlds and lives of our heroes.

Miniature Heroes is a journey through twelve formative years in the young lives of two artists and an introduction to the best-of-British heroes, zeroes and lice who have inspired and revolted them.

Bloated by pop/celeb culture, these 12 paintings (Paintsuperior) are a testament to the joy of being overwhelmed and starstruck, of growing up in a world of ITV and over indulgence. Each crassly rendered portrait hangs in a puddle of its own creation, its secrets and history exposed, bridging the gap between super-fan and celebrity, thrusting its audience into the spotlight of this colourfully disgusting installation.

I’ve got a bit of money in the bank. I’m quite comfortable.

Paul Gascoigne.(Gazza).

  1. Ian Baxter

My contribution to 12-12-12 will be a multichannel work for voices, all speaking the phrase “12-12-12”. Through a technique of time stretching, these voices will be turned into a kind of choir (the processing blurring spoken words into longer notes) with the most extreme stretching resulting in phrases taking 12 hours to be fully articulated. The timing of the piece will also relate to the figure 12. The choir voices will be sourced though an open call and I hope to get a range of voices and languages with the natural differences in articulation producing chance harmonies and collisions of sound.

If you are interested in participating as one of the voices in this piece, please find details here.

  1. Julie Swallow

12 journeys

12 archives

The mission: to complete twelve journeys in six months. Destinations arrived at on a whim, leading to who knows where.

Journeys undertaken, generating stuff.

Stuff; material matter, the by-product of activity, forming small piles of evidence. Evidence of motion, movement, action and mini adventures. Evidence of journeys taken, transformed into archives of activity. Stuff sorted, sifted and re-arranged. Reworked and reprocessed to recreate and re-present both a distillation and constellation of voyages.  An interweaving, overlapping network of ventures remapped and redrawn.

  1. Livia and Andrea

Project: 12 Hours

12 Hours is a collaborative project of two artists, Livia Garcia and Andrea Artz, who have travelled extensively and have lived in different cities such as Hong Kong, New York, Auckland and London. They picked a location within the UK for one another to travel to. The traveler didn’t know where she was going until the morning of the trip. During the 12-hour journey, the artist responded to a list of instructions given to her by the other artist. Materials that were collected during the trip which come in the form of writing, sound recordings, photographs, videos and sketches will inspire the final works that are to be displayed in the exhibition.

Livia Garcia (

Andrea Artz (

  1. Louise Hazelwood

Lou Hazelwood’s initial concept was to bring together 12 artists/artist collaborations that will be curated into the wider show.  She has asked all participating artists to undertake and develop a research project that will see them linking the 12 dates in 2012 (12th December – 24th December inclusive) with the respective dates in previous/future centuries e.g. 1912 or 1712 etc. All the artists have chosen different themes to work on, from the UK’s involvement in conflict, 12 times tables, birth and mortality rates, correspondence, communication and language and maps are but a few. All the final work shown will be in dimensions of 12 including time based work. Follow the research here:

Artists involved are:

Bridget Murray & Diana Ali

Chris Graham

Helen Frank

Katya Robin

Lou Hazelwood

Mark Beachell & Sarah Pennington

Madeleine Walton & Silvia Champion

Paul Leader

Rachel Smith

Sally Anne Roberts

Sarah-Jane Palmer

Sue Taylor

  1. Matt Smith

Untitled | Anonymous is an on-going found photography project curated by Matt Smith.

Developed as an online blog, the project exists to satisfy a fascination with other people’s photographs. The passage of time and the nostalgic gaze can enable the reader to view these photographs as something other than purely another individual’s memories.

The selection of photographs on display for 12/12/12 are taken from the blog and divided into sets of three to complete a set of 12 prints. In the context of a gallery environment, these photographs are viewed and considered differently than as the family snapshots and old press negatives that primarily served as the sources for the photographs on display.

The viewer is encouraged to engage with the work by adding their own context, critique and thoughts to the photographs in the form of commentary cards or via the blog.

  1. Phill Hopkins

I have taken the 12th verse, of the 12th chapter of the 12th book of the Old Testament – 2 Kings 12:12, as a starting point.

“And to masons, and hewers of stone, and to buy timber and hewed stone to repair the breaches of the house of the LORD, and for all that was laid out for the house to repair it”

The motif of the house that is present in my work, and in the new drawings in relation to ‘12-12-12’, resonates with the building up and the dismantling of my inner and the external (urban) environment. I am drawn to the feel of the house shape, that is, the porosity of its external and inner surfaces and its susceptibility to be imbued with happenings, both physically and imaginatively. The house is often blank or even ‘speechless’ and may act as an emissary; an object that discloses information, communicating knowledge of itself or a place.

I have also been struck with ideas around the number 12, being a perfect number, that can signify perfection of government, or of governmental perfection. It is found as a multiple in all that has to do with rule.

  1. Robert Good

12 Texts, 12 Contexts, 12 Disconnects

‘12 Texts, 12 Contexts, 12 Disconnects’ will bring ‘Text&Context’, a site-specific exhibition taking place in Cambridge during October 2012, to Bank Street Arts in Sheffield.

However, no attempt will be made to faithfully recreate the original show. Instead, twelve artists from ‘Text&Context’ will each display a fragment of their work along with a reference to its former location – thus providing twelve texts, twelve contexts, but twelve disconnects: partial works that have now become dislocated from their carefully chosen first place of display.

This tacit acknowledgement of the impossibility of restaging ‘Text&Context’ in its intended format will articulate ideas of archive, memory and documentation whilst celebrating the transient nature of the original.

Works by:

Erica Bohr

Robert Good

Georgie Grace

Rebecca Ilett

Caroline Jaine

Josepa Munoz

John O’Hare

Patsy Rathbone

Sue Shepherd

Amy Spencer

Matthew Wilson

Marina Velez

Photography by:

Helena Anderson:

Further information

Robert Good:


  1. Tom Dickinson

In 2011 I decided to take one photograph a day that would describe my day or would showcase something I had seen that day. This varied from something as mundane as what I had for tea, to feeding Giraffes in Kenya, and from dancing in nightclubs to tracing the rotation of the Earth using the position of the stars.

  1. Twelve Collective

12 locations, 12 people, 12 things at 12 noon, for 12 minutes on 12/12/12… perhaps