Residency – Michael Borkowsky

“Ideas which have halted somewhere within the creative process form the basis for my research-based residency at Bank Street Arts: I want to investigate the nature of ideas and to see if ideas can be taken from other artists then re-contextualised so that they re-emerge as material.

As a working hypothesis, I want to examine whether materials can be both functional and yet hold preconceptions and connotations found within ideas. Is it possible to create materials out of ‘unfulfilled’ ideas and can that simultaneously allow the idea to be realised and allow an audience to re-consider what an end result of a creative process can be.

The residency will ask questions of authorship and ownership within creative processes and will investigate how materials can simultaneously transcend and withhold their functionality.

I will also investigate the nature of the ‘end product’ within creative processes and how that end product can be re-imagined as something usually associated with the beginning of a creative process.

As a research based residency concerning ideas, I seek collaboration between myself and artists that have experienced an idea halting within the creative process. Such collaboration will allow the residency to develop and as such, allow collaborative outputs to emerge.”

To find out more about Michaels work, see here.