Lassie Fortune: Clutches and Exhausts


Clutches and Exhausts

In Spring 2015, Bank Street Art Gallery is The NATIONAL FACILITY FOR THE REGULATION OF REGRET (NFRR). Visitors can enter the NFRR and examine the living spaces of invisible characters with regret-related disorders, their histories manifest only through whatever the room contains.

Explore the environment of a middle-aged actor who stalks a middle-aged rock musician (writing love letters/lyrics/designing costumes); a body dysmorphic woman who does her own plastic surgery and who has a gallery show based on her therapy at the NFRR; a compulsive buyer who forges a living-space among his purchases. The interpretation of these intricate pasts may reveal an overlooked property of regret: that it can motivate and delight as well as burn.

It is with great pleasure that THE NATIONAL FACILITY FOR THE REGULATION OF REGRET (NFRR) invites you to the first show by a facility user.  Generously hosted by NFRR founder (and head) Dr. Henry Sinclair,  LASSIE FORTUNE presents her first ever solo exhibition, CLUTCHES & EXHAUSTS.

Regret – Rachel Genn from SIX project space on Vimeo.

The National Facility for the Regulation of Regret from Rachel Genn on Vimeo.

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Private View, Saturday 7th March.  (BSA members viewing, Wednesday, 25th March).

Funded by The Leverhulme Trust, Artist-in-Residence Scheme in collaboration with the Department of Psychology, University of Sheffield and the Humanities Research Centre at Sheffield Hallam University.