Pronunciation:/pan’d␣mIk/ ; adjective – (of a disease) prevalent over a whole country or the world; noun – an outbreak of a pandemic disease; origin: -mid 17th century: from Greek pandemos (from pan ‘all’ + demos ‘people’) + -ic

“PANDEMIC!, like the great plagues that inspired it, will spread like a disease that does not discriminate. It can and will affect anyone, no matter what superficially constructed group they may identify with may identify with, no matter what class, gender, race, sexuality and income level. It is an ever changing vehicle for discussion, ideas and dissent.”

“Instead of trying to construct one big event, it is crucial for the momentum to keep building and for the end of it to never actually arrive.”

“Yes, but what is it?”

Above are some of the responses/reactions from people who have agreed to participate in this group residency. The group is undefined and ever expanding, enabling it to spread and mutate as the residency continues. Participants will take it upon themselves to organise and become a wide rraeching creative ‘event’ in Sheffield, With its (nominal) base at Bank Street, those involved will try to help this project resonate outwards and move into further spaces across the city, surmounting apparent obstacles like lack of funding and access.

Those infected include: visual artists, performers, activists, musicians, writers, lecturers/teachers, individuals and groups with no specified or designated specialisation. there is always room for more! The PANDEMIC! “programme” is continuously open and anyone can be written into it, at anytime, leading up to and during the “event(s)”.