Residency – Graham Hutchinson

Graham’s residency is all about challenging both the notions and perceptions of engagement in art and begins with the premise of tackling these ideas head on. If you would like to participate in his residency, please contact get in touch.

In Graham’s own words. “The purpose of the residency is to engage new audiences in art making. The premise upon which I’m basing my idea is asking members of the public to draw an image for me. This may be entirely unguided or by discussing different ideas and will not be limited by time – 2 minutes, 10 minutes, an hour, this will also be the decision of the individual. I will then include their drawing in a final exhibition at Bank Street Arts which they will be invited to visit. I am hoping to get as many organisations and institutions as possible to participate in the idea. All equipment will be provided by Bank Street Arts, all I need from each potential organisation is the opportunity and permission to work with the people on your premises.”