Ian Baxter, our artist in residence working in sonic art presents a new work made specially for Bank Street Arts, the installation is situated in two of our barrel vaulted project spaces.

 “This installation is inspired by my (crude) understanding of a paradox

in quantum physics (quantum entanglement) whereby the behavior of

particles can be simultaneously suspended between two states, with the

final definite state only apparent when the particle is observed.

Erwin Schrodinger famously wrestled with this problem in his thought

experiment known as “Schodinger’s Cat”.”

In this sound art reading of the problem there are two rooms – each

playing one track of a harmonious stereo composition. Standing in

either room means the listener ‘observes’ that particular track of the

composition. The listener may be able to travel from room to room but,

like the quantum example, it should be impossible to hear the both

sound events simultaneously.