Occupy is a global movement that manifested itself in the heart of this city of Sheffield as well as 40 other cities around the UK, and countless more worldwide. In our tents, we occupied a space outside the cathedral. Ordinary people gave up our everyday routines to create an open forum for debate and discussion. Anyone could enter our camp and get their voice heard in our general assemblies. Our space that has been, for 99 days, a mission for fairness, a centre for justice, and an outpost for compassion for the poorest 99%. We are more than the sum of our parts – more than tents and sleeping bags. For those 99 days, we occupied, and we continue to occupy other spaces, in other ways. Our exhibition depicts the National Occupy Conference, where the formerly derelict Citadel Of Hope welcomed occupiers from throughout the world. It depicts our camp, and the Worldwide Occupy Movement.

Our exhibition features

Artefacts from the Occupation

Video, Photographs and Poetry

Portraits by local artist NickSpencer of local homeless individuals, some of whom frequented our camp and free cafe, for Tea, Cake and Kindness.

Experience this moment in global history and part of Sheffield’s campaigning legacy.

Be the change you want to be!

Find out how to get involved at OccupySheffield.org