An exhibition of photographs created by users of the Cathedral Archer Project, will offer visitors unfamiliar perspectives on Sheffield’s people, buildings, streets and open spaces.

Beyond Street View represents the second phase of Street View, a project initiated and developed by the Open College of the Arts that gave clients of Sheffield’s Archer Project – a charity supporting the homeless and vulnerable – the opportunity to use photography to represent their everyday worlds and the challenges they face.


Every Monday throughout the summer of 2015, those taking part in the project came together to talk about the ups and downs of life in Britain and life in general, before piling into the Archer Project’s Ford Transit, armed with no-frills disposable cameras, to tour Sheffield and visualise whatever had come up in the sessions. These structured sessions were a lead-in to members of the group taking cameras away with them to spend the next week photographing the things they came across in their day to day lives. In October, 20 photographs from the project were exhibited in Sheffield Winter Garden as part of the annual Off the Shelf festival, and will also be on display at Edge Hill University in February.

Although the Winter Garden show was always intended to feature a relatively small number of images, the scale of the project meant that a huge number of photographs – well over 1000 – were produced. For Beyond Street View, Archer’s clients were asked to revisit the archive and – using the actual prints of their work that they were given each week – quickly create and sequence a new selection that offered an alternative interpretation of the project.

Beyond Street View was produced with the support of photographer Mark Harvey. Mark was also central to the development and delivery of Street View and in 2016 joins the team of resident artists at Bank Street Arts, with a view to exploring both his own practice and his collaborative work with the Archer Project and its clients.