18/10/2010 – 14/11/2010

Artovert were first prize winners in the 2nd Sheffield International Artist’s Book Prize organised and hosted by Bank Street Arts, as voted by visitors to the exhibition, for their pull out book ‘Bag Ladies’.

Artrovert is a group of three Danish artists established in 2003 to provide a professional forum for developing skills and ideas. The group members meet frequently to discuss, inspire and collaborate on various art projects. Artrovert has participated in several international artists’ books exhibitions with individual as well as collective works. Group members are : Giuli Larsen, Hanne Matthiesen, Lis Rejnert Jensen.

Artrovert’s exhibition at Bank Street Arts in October and November 2010 showcased work from across their artist’s book range including large scale sculptural works filling most of the floor area of one of our smaller gallery spaces to smaller ,ore intricate works places around the edges. The exhibitions was an interesting experiment in long distance curating and assembling of the exhibition. The artists, based in Denmark, mailed all or the work to the UK with instructions on how to set up  and show the respective pieces.  

“Our creative process is facilitated through regular group meetings and by mail/e-mail.”

The last couple of years Artrovert have focused on developing a new type of artists’ book: Book-in-a-suitcase. It all began with an invitation to do a submission for “Fabriccanti di Libri”, an international art competition in Lecce, Italy.

Artrovert work frequently in a sortof Round-Robin/mail art manner, which allows the members of the group to work simultaneously on the same project. This is a perfect way to get things done quickly and a very convenient method since the artists all live in different geographical areas and don’t have the option of meeting as often as they’d like.