Residency – Lorna Milner Johnson

Holding your knife and fork properly

A residency by Lorna Barrowclough          

Construction: November 2010

Deconstruction: 2nd Dec – 18th Dec 2010. 10am-5pm, Tues-Sat

A first in a series of site specific sculptural multiples for Lorna Barrowclough, using both limited time, an unfamiliar space and site-specific objects; Barrowclough will create a piece of work within a 7-day time frame, that explores the wonderment of small crude replicated objects of particular place meaning. In this case the objects being knives and forks, in a nod to the industrial spirit of Sheffield and a nod to her own heritage connected with industry in this city.

Once constructed the deconstruction part of the piece will begin; the viewer will be allowed to literally buy into the piece.

Thus exploring the following concept: will we consume anything?

The resulting installation remained on show for a month a Bank Street. You can read more about this on Lorna’s website.