“…rise and go…”

Stephen Chase presents a performance installation specifically designed for Bank Street Arts alongside four evening events thematically linked to the installation featuring brand new and classic work by leading figures in the fields of experimental music and sound art.

1 House Music March 2010 everyday household items, a sonic exploration of the house, rooms within rooms within rooms, the stuff of domestic nightmares… (inc. music by Alvin Lucier, Peter Ablinger, Tim Parkinson, Jennifer Walshe)

2 “Quiet, You!” April 2010 music of intimate nearness, wandelweiser silence, and raucous Brazilian buzz (inc. music by Jürg Frey, James Saunders, Laurence Crane, James Weeks, Chico Mello, Michael Pisaro)

3 “I am a strange loop” May 2010 feedback loops, self-similarity, rational melodies, platonic ideal crashes up against physical fact (inc. music by Seth Kim-Cohen, Ross Parfitt, Christian Wolff)

4 INSIDE/OUTSIDE June 2010 near and far, bat sonar, architecture, nooks and crannies, taking a line for a walk, the great outdoors… (inc. music by Alvin Lucier, John Lely)


Experimental Music Workshop (no previous experience necessary, details to be announced).