October 8th – October 31st, 2009

The 2nd Sheffield Artist’s Book Prize and exhibition was held in October 2009 building upon the inaugural Prize staged at Bank Street Arts in November 2008. The competition attracted 78 entries, with a big increase from overseas and a number of Student entries in response to the addition that year of a Student Prize.

The principles of the Prize, established in 2008, were again the hallmarks of both the Prize and Exhibition in 2009: open submission, free to enter, all entries shown in the exhibition, visitors to the exhibition acting as jurors of the prize.

In order to build upon the first edition of 2008, although the main prize was once again decided by visitors to the exhibition, in 2009 we added two additional Prizes which were decided by Jury – a Student Prize and a special Jury Prize.

The jurors in 2009 were Chris Taylor from the University of Leeds and Tony Kemplen, a book artists from Sheffield.

The winning entry in the Main Prize was ‘Bag Ladies’ by Danish art collective Artrovert.

The winner of the Student Prize was ‘Keepsake’ by Angie Butler. 


The Jury Prize was awarded jointly to ‘Haiku – Apple’ by Ann Rook

and ‘Memory Loss’ by Claire Tindale.

The full list of participants in 2009 was as follows:

Jackie Bowcutt
Alice Bradshaw
Simon Lewandowski
Simon Woolham
Park Mc Carthur
Stephanie Hancock
Barrie Tullet
David Stephen Willis
Antoinette Burchill
Grania Hayes
Seekers of Lice
Ros Blackmore
Elisabeth S Clark
Sue Cohen
Louise Levergneux
Pat Hodson
Yael David-Cohen
Jessica Jane Charleston
Amanda Brannan
Jackie Batey
Glenn Holman
Glynis Cawdler
Dara McGrath
Brian T Sims
Zoe Culbertson and Gail Stiffe
Lisa Muten
Louisa Parker
Lois Palframan
Joanna Radford
Sarah Ind
Brian Madden
Christopher Skinner
Joanthan Rowland
Franz Baake
Nicola Jackson
Frances Kiernan
Helen Malone
Jatinder Kaur Bains
Lyn Ashby
Andrea G Artz
Crystal Cawley
Haein Song
Theresa Easton
Jane Cradock-Watson
Emily Regan & Tim Clark
Diane Byford
Anne Rook
Lilla Duignan
Jean Cherry
Kareen Herbert
Beth Evans
Heather Keen
Hazel Dawson
Hannah Lobley
Angie Butler
Polly Cruse
Chloe Brooks
Mayumi Arakawa
Jo Owen
Lorelei Clark
Jo Brudenell
Iain Macleod-Brudenell
Marcus Irwin
Sandria Gilling
Sarojini Lewis
Amanda K Goodier
Jan Hopkins
Stewart Brown
Roland Brauchli
Sandi Sexton
Kirsty White
Claire Tindale
Muriel Prince
Mary Yacoob
Silvia Loeffler