Residency – Selina Thompson

I’m looking at the idea of ‘Bedrooms’ for my residency, in particular the relationship that those experiencing depression and post natal depression have with their beds, and the way in which a space of rest and supposed recuperation can change over time – whether that’s a series of months, or even just the space of 24hours. As I create the work, which will culminate in a durational performance next year, I will be drawing from figures in literature, the BSA building itself, and experiences of my own bedrooms and the bedrooms of others. I am particularly interested in the ‘freeing’ of an audience, and one of the focuses of my residency will be exploring exactly what this means and how one goes about enabling it.

As a student beginning my practice, one of the most important aspects of my residency is learning what it is to be an artist in residence, what it is to be an artist of any kind. This is my first experience of this so it’s hugely exciting – and daunting! I am eager for feedback and thoughts at all times so I’ll be blogging the experience, and photographing every stage of the process.

In 2012, I hoping to begin curating an evening at Bank Street that brings Live Art and Performance from both the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam, as well as local artists crashing together into something exciting, that enhances the avenues of communication between all three of these groups. Stay tuned for more information about this, and feel free to email me if you’d like to get involved or know anything else about my residency.

For more detail. see Selina’s blog.