“I am a contemporary figurative painter whose work explores social comment and public opinion. For my residency at Bank Street Arts I will be executing the project “The Fact Is…” where the public are asked to complete the phrase in whichever way they see fit, as per the opined pub rant or subjective statements that are prefixed with that phrase. Since 2010 I have been collating public opinions and statements through social media such as Facebook and through brief interactions and interviews with the general public. The Bank Street Arts residency will support my efforts to engage a wide section of the community in a variety of locations in Sheffield by installing a makeshift studio where people can log their opinions and phrases, and witness the artworks that result from these rants taking shape.

Previously I have lived and exhibited in China, Thailand and Brazil. My work has included collaborations with Punk bands, skateboarders, street children, and refugees as well as independent work for solo and group shows. I currently live in Derbyshire where I am also working on a portrait series of an ‘archaeological slice’ through the entire local community, and a series of site specific group happenings at disused warehouses and wastelands in the world heritage site of the Derwent Valley.”