Residency – Stuart Faulkner “Build Blobby”

In what promises to be an unforgettable residency at Bank Street Arts, artist and musician, Stuart Faulkner presents a month long series of events and exhibitions based around love him or hate him character from 90’s television, Mr Blobby. Faulkner is throwing in Daleks and other creatures for good measure. This residency is suitable for children and adults alike, in fact adults may get more out of it.

In Stuarts own words,

“BUILD BLOBBY (create crazy creatures) + monster karaoke/dalek disco : with Stuart Faulkner and friends.”

HEY KIDS!!!! (suitable for ages 4-4,000,000bc) this is a superb interactive hands and tentacles on creature concept sculpting run of workshops making and evaluating fun and fantastic classic beasts! (from 10 – 5pm) – with dalek disco and monster karaoke parties going on at quasar from 6-8pm (next door but 2 from the gallery) where the creations will be performing!

you can e-mail or phone in advance to ensure we have enough materials and helpers on hand if you want you or your children to participate – I also encourage you to pop in regularly throughout the month to see Bank Street art being invaded and populated!!!!

(donations to cover material costs and quality entertainment much appreciated!)

Stuart Faulkner works teaching music, art and carpentry at a day care centre, he is also a passionate satirical/comedic painter (who has an exhibition currently touring the uk!), and a musician in the Sheffield sea shanty fusion orchestra “The Barnacles” and in the indie rock band “Pink Grease” who have scored number 36 in the uk charts!

Watch a preview of the mayhem here

To see more of Stuart’s work, try here.