“In this residency proposal I intend to extend research work that I have carried out over a period of time that explores adult reflections on childhood den making activities.

I intend to build dens from found or donated materials and involve of the public/people within the building with construction, donation and reflection. The focus of the work will grow out of the process of making and using the den.

I plan to record people’s thoughts and feelings about building and being inside the dens and I would endeavour to find a way of presenting them as part of the work. This could involve co-operative working with other artists to produce text, time lapse and audio.

My existing work consists of a collection of annotated drawings that have been recounted to me by adults about their childhood den building. From this work I have made a series of pinhole photographs that seek to give an impression of these memories.”

“Cuttriss’ art derives from, and is driven by, the fact that the sharing of personal memories, whether they be memories of a more dear or more distressing kind, is crucial to social and cultural sensitivity.” Robert Clarke


The work will probably take the form of an installation although I the process of making may lead to something else.

It is intended that the outcome will be moved from the cellar and installed within the building.

For my own work I will make a record of the process of construction and reflections on any links with how childhood activities manifest in the adult.”