we are not at the centre but we surround ourselvesʼ

 “Through the course of the residency, I will be developing a site specific performance work, in which I will search to create a sense of wholeness out of fractured elements. Making connections between materials, technologies, positions and the audience over the whole two week period, culminating in a one-off performance.”

Rules (in no particular order)

1) Use more than one space

2) Connect spaces through actions

3) Create a sense of whole

4) Retain differences between areas/performances

5) Use technology

6) Find different ways of interacting with an audience

7) Show thought processes in space everyday, through drawings, diagrams, objects etc.

Residency questions

Can I create a sense of wholeness while retaining difference within the works?

What role could notions of systems, entropy and boredom have within my work?

How can I create positive relations with an audience, conveying meaning and preventing a block between artist and audience?

Aims for the residency

I will develop a new site specific performance work within the two week period of the residency. I will be in the space at least 5 days a week. I will show drawings, objects and rehearsals in the space, with full public access. I will show processes on site and in a blog. I will use a number of different media within the work. I will interact with the audience using a variety of methods and media”