Look Again at Sheffield Rail Station

Young children’s hospital patients who captured stunning photographs of life on the wards are to see their work exhibited at Sheffield train station.

The collection of photos, called ‘Look Again’, was created as part of a photography workshop, run through Artfelt – The Children’s Hospital Charity’s arts programme.

During the workshop, photographers from Bank Street Arts in Sheffield gave patients at The Children’s Hospital a simple brief – to reveal the hidden world of the hospital that might normally pass them by. The result is a set of 20 bright photographs that evoke the hospital’s colours, textures, sights and shapes that often go unnoticed.

Cat Powell, Artfelt manager, said: “The Look Again project was a fantastic experience for our young patients and they should be really proud of their work. When people see the photographs they are always surprised that they were taken by children as they look so professional.

“The results are really powerful, and help the audience see an alternative view of life on the wards through the eyes of the patients.”

The pieces will be displayed in waiting rooms at Sheffield Train Station from November 7th.

Jason Cocker, area station manager, said: “These are fantastic images, and we are proud to showcase the work of the inspirational youngsters who are treated at The Children’s Hospital in Sheffield. We hope our visitors to the station enjoy the photographs as much as the children enjoyed taking them.”

More information on The Children’s Hospital Charity is available at www.artfelt.org.uk