01/10/2012 – 24/11/2012

Winner of the Main Prize in the 2011 Sheffield International Artist’s Book Prize, this is a first solo exhibition in Sheffield for London based, Japanese artist, Kaho Kojima whose work includes printmaking and illustration.

Kaho studied Graphic and Media Design at college and has always been interested in exploring visual storytelling. Her work incorporates books, prints and cards and she makes frequent use of print making as well as exquisite folded and pop up works.

Her work has been exhibited in the UK, Denmark and Japan and is in public collections such as the TATE Library. She has also provided works of art for several sites in CNWL NHS Foundation Trust.

White Forest is a new installation, designed to encourage the viewer to explore. It consists of paper cut-out trees which contain playful pop-up features that visitors will can directly interact with.