Stephen is a composer/performer/sound artist whose work is moving increasingly towards a consideration of the relationship between sounds, actions and the places in which they are performed, and which is the result of an open collaborative process. His work has involved writing ‘conventionally’ notated music for the concert hall to pieces for actors, improvisers, and site-specific settings.

“For the residency my central idea is to hold a series of experimental events. These may take the form of concerts and workshops but ideally at least one event would take the form of a performance/installation making use of the building’s unique acoustic character. The residency would be a great opportunity for me to develop and give focus to some of these ideas, and would offer the chance to meet and possibly work with artists from other fields.

In connection with these ideas I am interested in starting a music workshop series (no previous musical training would be required) focusing on experimental practices, in particular, those which relate to ideas of installation, performance art, the everyday, and acoustic perception (inspired in part by the work of artists such as Alvin Lucier, Jennifer Walshe, the Wandelweiser group, and John Cage).”