I am an artist primarily working with moving image and am particularly interested in the relationship between music / audio and visuals. Much of my work is non-critical, observational documentary but informed by its editing and post-production. My work is intended for a general audience, but is also informed by fine art practice.

I see my practice as being traditional but using modern, industrial techniques. My work is influenced by pre-modern aesthetic values, but also by modern cinematography and music video production.

I often use time-lapse video to capture the real world but in ways not normally perceived. Time-lapse allows the representation of what is in plain view, but cannot be perceived in real-time. Also, this kind of non-interventional observation can sometimes witness behaviours of people or the environment that could not have been predicted.

I have an ongoing body of moving image work entitled “The Secret Life of Buildings”. These are all videos with music and/or audio, and attempt to reveal something about the built environment and its relationship with the natural environment. Most of them are time-lapse shoots and these works are intended as portraits of the buildings they are shot in, but not necessarily documentary recordings of them.

During my residency at Bank Street Arts I aim to produce a new piece of work that will be part of this collection. However, as always with these time-lapse projects, I don’t really know what I’m going to get until I’ve got it.

You can see more of The Secret Life of Buildings here and read Richard’s WordPress blog here, and view some of the work from the residency here.