“My practice involves creating gradually evolving soundscapes that subtly effect the environments they are placed in. The idea behind my residency is to explore the Bank Street Arts space from the perspective of the sound artist. It will be reflexive in nature, using the character of the spaces in Bank Street to shape the work created during the residency and to shape the spaces themselves during the length of the residency. I will investigate the sounds within Bank Street, revealing the hidden music that the building and its occupants make and will bring my own sounds into the building to subtly alter the soundscape of the building”

Initial ideas for pieces:

“Listening to the Building” – using contact microphones to listen in on hidden sounds made by pipes, windows and other resonant surfaces in the building. These will be fed into an installation in basement gallery 6, where a continually evolving musical piece – played by the building itself – can be listened to.

“A and B” – inspired by the twin barrel vaulted cellars, I will present an installation that requires both spaces. The piece itself is inspired by a rough understanding of a principle in quantum physics that a particle exists in two places at once – each of the rooms will be playing a version of the same piece, but one will be the opposite of the other. Standing in either room will produce half the picture and only by placing oneself outside the rooms will the full piece become apparent.

“Permeation” – small (hidden?) speakers set up all around Bank Street, occasionally leaking small, quiet music into the gallery spaces.

“Sonic Saturdays” –  to gain some curatorial experience and involve some of my fellow composers, the idea is to take over the atrium/cafe space for a Saturday (or Saturdays? say once a month during the residency?) and have a kind of sonic-art jukebox playing. The brief to composers would be to consider it as a kind of avant-garde muzak, subtly working itself into the space, away from the fussiness of loud speaker concerts.